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Welcome to Hillsdale!

Thanks for visiting our website! We'd love to tell you more about Hillsdale and answer any questions you might have about our school. Below is some information you'll find helpful if you're considering applying to Hillsdale. If you would like more details, or have particular questions, you can request information here.

We'd encourage you to visit Hillsdale in person on one of our Campus Days or by scheduling a visit. We would love to have you come visit us and get a taste of life on campus. If you're ready to apply, you'll find our online application here.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our Admissions Office at admissions@hc.edu.


Recommended High School Courses
Listed below are the high school courses which are recommended for admission to the College.

  • 4 units English (Grammar, Composition, Literature)
  • 2 units Lab Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or other lab sciences)
  • 3 units Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Calculus)
  • 2 units History (including one unit of American History)
  • 1 unit Citizenship Skills (Economics, Geography, Government, Non-Western Culture)
  • 3 additional units (Computer Science or Foreign Language)

Students who did not complete these recommended courses in high school will be assigned appropriate remedial work by the Assessment Committee.

Planning Suggestions

1. High School students are encouraged to take the ACT or SAT in the spring of    their junior year and apply early in their senior year. 

2. In January of the high school senior year, parents should consider filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is required for grants, loans, college work study, and most scholarships. Apply online at fafsa.ed.gov. Receipt of financial aid is dependent on acceptance for admission. Preference is given to those filing prior to March 1. Our School Code is 010266.

3. Transfer students are encouraged to apply for admission at least three months prior to date of entry. 

Candidates for Admission 

1. Graduates of high school with a minimum of a 'C' average, or satisfactory   scores on entrance exams, usually American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). 

2.Persons with a GED Certificate from a State Department of Education.  

3.Transfer students from other colleges or junior colleges (see Students on Probation or Suspension).

Based on a review of credentials, students may be admitted on regular, conditional, or probationary admission status. Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College reserves the right to restrict or deny admission to any person, otherwise eligible, for reasons determined to be in the best interest of the institution by the officers thereof. This reserved right shall be administered in a manner strictly consistent with state and federal non-discrimination laws. See the following sections: Admission Status Restrictions, Freshman Admission Requirements, and Transfer Admission Requirements.

General Procedures for Admission         

Click Here for the New Freshman Application Checklist

Click Here for the Transfer Student Application Checklist

Click Here to Apply for Admission

Click Here for the Reference Form                               

Admission Status Restrictions

The College is aware that all students have not had the same opportunities for academic preparation. In recognition of extenuating circumstances, three types of admission have been established: regular, conditional, or probationary status.

Regular Admission: Granted to students who have met the criteria for admissions. The student is eligible for enrollment and subject to the academic placement recommendations of the Assessment Committee.

Conditional Admission: Granted to students who have not completed the required admission documents. A student admitted conditionally is given permission to enroll and complete only one semester. If the student is unable to submit the required admission documents or resolve the doubt discovered in the application process, he or she will not be permitted to enroll in courses beyond one semester at this institution.

Probationary Admission: Granted to students who do not meet the criteria for a candidate for admission, or who have an ACT Composite Score 18 or below, or who transfer from another college while on academic probation, or whose placement scores reflect serious doubt as to the student's ability to benefit and succeed on the college level. The student is limited to no more than 13 credit hours. Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College reserves the right to limit the number of students given probationary admission.